QU - Empathize



Team: Solo Project

Platform: Adobe XD

With the task of re-designing the Quinnipiac University Mobile app I had to sit down and take some time to understand what needs to be done. I quickly learned that while the QU website is responsive, it was not designed to be viewed on a mobile device. With a large amount of unnecessary text, repetitive sections, and confusing parallax navigation, I definitely had my work cut out for me!

My Process


Qu.edu Information Architecture

Part of my Empathize process includes creating assets such as Information Architecture for the Quinnipiac University website. Creating the IA helped me understand the underling issue of the main navigation of the website.

Persona 3.png

Persona #1

Documents like persona’s help me looks through the eyes of everyday QU.edu users.

Persona  1.png

Persona #2

Scenario’s like Hannah’s allowed me to focus on important information like scholarships, which was not easily found on the current website.

Persona 2.png

Persona #3

The student portal (MyQ) is something that every student uses on a daily basis. The fact that it was not integrated well in the main university website caused confusion.