Usability Testing Usability test video


With my paper prototype for the new Quinnipiac University mobile site, I conducted usability tests with two users giving them multiple tasks to complete.

Test Plan:

  • Have testers come in cold (only tell them to pretend the paper is a phone app).

  • Give the user a brief intro, giving them a profile of common users of the site.

  • Give testers 2-3 small exercises to complete within the app.

  • Once they complete the exercise, bring them back to the homepage and move on to new exercise.

Usability Post-Mortem

Problem: The deeper the user went into the website, the harder it was to navigate back to the homepage.

Solution: Added a permanent header throughout the prototype.

Problem: Being able to contact the university was too deep within the linked pages.

Solution: Added a contact button that is easily accessible.

Problem: Menu is still cluttered.